Import fees

Duty, excise duty, VAT

Import of vehicles from the U.S. to Poland is associated with the following costs:
purchasing of a vehicle, transport, customs, VAT and excise duties.
For an imported vehicle from the European Community you do not pay duty and VAT is paid only if the purchase invoice did not include this tax.

Excise duty is charged to all imported vehicles also from the European Union.

Duty fees are:
  • car 10%
  • pickup of 10% or 22%
  • truck 22%
  • yacht 1.7%
  • boat from 1.7% to 2.7%
  • jetski 1.7%
  • motorcycle 6%
  • quad 10%
  • snowmobile 5%
  • car parts 3% to 4.5%

Duty, VAT and excise duty calculated on a cumulative basis, the value of purchase plus the cost of transport. The order of charging is as folows: customs, excise duty, VAT.

The list of potential costs and import charges depending on the source of purchase:

  • net price of a vehicle bought in the U.S. at an auction or from a dealer,
  • our commission for brokering the purchase of a vehicle only in the U.S. is  USD 200,
  • road transport: the transport from the place of purchase to the port, the cost from USD 1.50 / mile (distances in the U.S. can be seen: ), sample costs are in the section road transport in the USA,
  • auction fees: from U.S. $ 150-350 (on average 2%) depending on the value of the vehicle,
  • ocean freight in a container: cost $ 500 to $ 1500 per vehicle depending on a vehicle size and location of ports,

Below are example charges on vehicles imported to Poland. Current import charges to other countries must be checked personally
in local customs offices in the destination country.

  • charges for unloading and customs clearance at the destination port in Europe, from Euro 400-500,
  • customs 10% on passenger vehicles and 22% on trucks,
  • payment of excise duty (only in Poland): 3.1% for the vehicle with an engine capacity to 2.0 liters or 18.6% for the vehicle with an engine capacity higher than 2.0 liters, calculated on the value of the car plus the cost of transport and customs,
  • payment of 23 % VAT in Poland is charged on all cumulative costs,
  • the cost of lighting adaptation to the requirements, depending on the model of car,
  • the cost of registration, number plates, altogether PLN 245,
  • local taxes (sales tax): 6% to 10% charged only on brand new vehicles,
  • charges U.S. $ 100-200 for the preparation of export documentation, notary services and customs clearance in the U.S.,
  • representation in 3 customs clearances in (U.S., DE, PL), transport, billing - charged an additional 5% maximally for a total service,
  • extra payment for a transport of a damaged vehicle, not moving on its own wheels additional $ 150,
  • vehicle insurance available on request: 2% of the value of a purchased vehicle,
  • freight costs from the U.S. to Gdynia are an average $200 -$500 higher than to Bremerhaven,
  • the VAT rate in Poland is 23% and optionally VAT of 19% is payable in the German port by an importer who is a private entity,
  • the cost of transport in Poland on an auto transporter or on a tow truck from the port to the destination place on average PLN 2 / km,
  • amount of the recycling fee PLN 500.