Bidding at Copart Auctions US

After selecting the vehicle at Copart you can estimate the expected final price of the purchase and consider your financial capabilities. No bank will give a credit for the purchase of an accident vehicle, you must have your own cash to cover all costs such as: the purchase cost plus the expected repair costs, plus transportation to the selected port, plus payment of all import fees: duty, excise duty, VAT which are calculated as a percentage of the purchase price plus the cost of transport. Details in the “How it works” section. If you have decided on a particular car and you do not have access to your account at, please contact us and pay into our account within 24 hours before the auction, starts a sum representing 10% of the amount for which you intend to purchase the vehicle selected, the minimum security deposit amount is the equivalent of $400. This amount is a deposit that determines participation in the auction and if you fail to make a purchase of the vehicle of your choice at the auction, it is returned within 24 hours or as desired left towards the purchase of a similar vehicle in the following days. It is also a guarantee of payment for the auction in the event of a successful outcome. The deposit can be only lost, if you refuse to pay for the purchased car before the deadline.

Within 24 hours, after winning the auction, you should pay the outstanding balance for the car purchased. The amount of receivables consists of a price for the car, auction fees, the cost of transport within the U.S.A. and the cost of delivery to the port and the pre-calculated customs and tax charges in the country of destination, at current dollar exchange rate on the date of purchase. After purchasing the vehicle, the car is delivered to the shipping port within a few days and is loaded into a container. The transport is made by the insured, reliable carriers, on specially adapted vehicles.

After delivery of the car along with the original documents necessary to export it to the port in the U.S.A, customs clearance will be carried out and the purchased vehicle in the container sealed by the customs officers will be delivered to the port indicated by the buyer. We will formally pass documents of ownership of the vehicle with a VAT invoice with the vehicle to a new owner after the final customs clearance in accordance with the arrangements written in a separate agreement. If you have any doubts and additional questions, please read the chapter How it works“ on this website or call us, 24 hours 7 day.

Buy It Now at U.S. Copart Auctions

How to buy quickly and cheap? No registration, no fees,with our help? Currently a new option '' Copart Buy It Now '' is very popular for buyers because this option alow to purchase from Copart Auction vehicle at an incredibly low price. You can use several search filters on Auction:

In Menu select "FIND VEHICLE" and then "search vehicle".
Seleckt "SEARCH THE VEHICLE" click on the filter options: "Buy It Now ''.
The next filters on the left side of the page select what is important to us and what we are interested in, eg:car make,model,year,fuel, eg. diesel,
Other criteria according to own preferences.
After making this selection from 150,000 vehicles you will find several great deals worth to buy now.
We advise you to repeat a search every day, until it succeeds.
A few thousand listings are added daily, and the best priced cars will disappear within a few hours. They are purchased by US dealers and other buyers from around the world.

On our calculator you can calculate a final cost of imports of choosen car. By adding up all the cost of customs clearance and transport from the purchase address to the your address .Should also be added the cost of repairing the car, and finally commission for us as a broker.
Compare this value with the price of a similar model in local advertising portals. The difference is large, and especially large when you buying fresh cars few years old.

We wish you succesfull search and purchase.
We can help in these searches ,purchases and finally transport the vehicle to the your address.

More information can be found on our website or send us an e-mail with questions to