Auctions in Europe

The European car market, like the US market, is developing a new sales channel at auctions and online bidding. It is the most convenient and the most beneficial way of choosing and buying a car, aimed primarily at dealers.
Offered at auction cars are young and for sale by banks and leasing companies. Each offer is carefully checked by experts of car example from Dekra. Descriptions, evaluation of technical condition of vehicles to dealers are sufficient to make a decision about buying or cancel the offer. The prices at Auctions are obviously lower than the retail market.
Below are links to auction in Europe. Vehicles for sale at wholesale prices are only for dealers. We offer our clients full assistance in searching, selecting the right car, the buying and transporting it to the indicated address.

Selected auctions of used cars in Europe:

If you are interested in buying a car from the US with our help for lowest price as possible, please contact us by telephone, via Skype or by e-mail:


Ex-lease vehicles in the EU

For customers interesting in purchase ex-lease cars from Europe, we offer:

  • assistance in finding a suitable vehicle
  • full assistance in purchasing at auctions
  • transport to the address of the purchaser.

As a registered dealer, broker, we have access to a huge database of cars offer such as vans, trucks and other throughout Europe. These vehicles are mostly young 2-5 years, and they are for sale at auction by leasing companies and banks only for dealers.

 Below links to the current offers:

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