Vehicles from, USA

The most popular in the US portal with cars for sale is The offer includes new, used cars and other. You can search a car by the year, model and even keywords.

Starting the search, enter the address code, zip code, eg .: 10002 belonging to New York, the most frequently port chosen by the exporters. The location of the vehicle has a direct impact on the cost of road transport from the purchase place to the sea port. Then you can choose: mileage, year, color, number of cylinders, transmission, fuel type, number of doors and others. Take a notice, that cheapest cars usualy are after accident, damaged or already fixed.
In addition to a large number of photos, a detailed description of the vehicles and their equipment options available are details about the seller, address, telephone and contact form via e-mail.
We offer full asssistance in buying a car from the USA, checking the offer, the history of the vehicle, technical condition, and legal documentation.

We can organise pickup and transportation of the vehicle from any purchase place and deliver it to the destination place.
On our calculator you can calculate a final cost of imports of choosen car.

If you are interested in buying a car from the US with our help for lowest price as possible, please contact us by telephone, via Skype or by e-mail: