Vehicles from is one of the most popular portal in the United States with about 2 million cars offered for sale by dealers and private sellers. The offer includes new,used cars, vans and pickups.

On separate websites offer:

You can select the vehicles by year, make, model, and even keywords. Convenient, quick search allows you to find your favorite color, equipped with the options you need.

Starting the search, enter the address code ,zip code, eg .: 10002 belonging to New York, the most frequently port chosen by the exporters. The location of the vehicle has a direct impact on the cost of road transport from the purchase place to the sea port. Then you can choose :new or used, then the Make, model, versions of the equipment, and other specific criteria such as price, mileage, year, body type, body colors and interior, number of cylinders, type transmission, fuel type, number of doors, etc .. You can search offers from the lowest price. All prices can of course negotiate. Additionally this portal have very useful feedbacks, rankings, evaluation and comparison of car allowing to make the right choice. You can search purchase sources: from a dealer or from a private selller. In addition to a large number of photos, a detailed description of the vehicles and their equipment options available are details about the seller, address, telephone and contact form via e-mail. shows the VIN number of the car and offer to purchase vehicle history reports from the databases of Carfax or AutoCheck at prices ranging from 25 to 40 USD for a single report. We can offer the same reports to our customers much cheaper.

Take a notice, that cheapest cars usualy are after accident, damaged or already fixed.

We offer full assistance in buying a car from the US ,checking the offer, the history of the vehicle, technical condition, and legal documentation.Invoice with net price without sales tax is available for exporters of used cars.

We can organise pickup and transportation of the vehicle from any purchase place and deliver it to the nearest seaport.

After notarize export documents and Customs clearance, we will deliver car to the port. Next from seaport by tow truck to the address of residence of the purchaser. The costs of transport and the amount of import charges you could calculate before making a purchase using the calculators available on our website.

An alternative to the purchase a car from retail sites like is the purchase of used vehicles from Manheim Auctions with wholesale price.

If you are interested in buying a car from the US with our help for lowest price as possible, please contact us by telephone, via Skype or by e-mail: