VIN Decoder free

If you know (made in cars after 1982 years VIN) The vehicle identification number, you can use the decoder shown here: You can get more information about the car. The 17-digit VIN FIN / VIN consists of a manufacturer identification e.g:WVW for Volkswagen, vehicle Descriptive show part points 4 to 8 series, engine type and equipment, paragraph 9 is a check digit, numeral 10 model year, section 11-Factory, paragraphs 12- 17- consecutive number. Also, the price of a new vehicle and its selling price the dealer. Below there is a pair of similar deals with end or current auction prices for vehicles with the same Year of the selected model. This information are free.

The report from the history of the vehicle based on the VIN can also be purchased from one of the many sites which have access to databases in the US. The largest of them, and the most popular are:

Some websites show images of the auctions, where you can see if /how the car has been damaged in the past.
For our customers, we can offer this report a lot cheaper.