Shipping Documentation

Each country from which we import all sorts of vehicles has its own regulations on property rights, forms of property rights transfer to the next buyer and separate requirements and regulations relating to exporting of vehicles. We suggest that you carefully read these regulations before purchasing a car or hire an experienced dealer, broker. This can protect you against the situation when a vehicle legally purchased in another country is not permitted to enter the buyer's country because of one word or a term written on a document - title like e.g. "salvage unrebuildable'' or "certificate of destruction.''

The car may look like brand new and will never be registered in the buyer's country and perhaps even be confiscated by customs officials as an example of a waste threatening the environment.
The fact that we buy a vehicle in currently visual satisfactory condition does not constitute any guarantee, for example, that the vehicle has not previously been flooded during the flood or has been cleared by insurance companies and the local law as not suitable any more for use on public roads and the annotation was entered on his title deed. Often such vehicles are sold at auctions, where buyers outbid one another feverishly, without knowing the history of the vehicle and its documents. There are two main ways to avoid this problematic situation, the first one is to entrust an experienced, responsible dealer to purchase and to bring a car, the second one, possible only in the USA, is to purchase reports on the history of the vehicle from information services such as Carfax or Autocheck.
Another issue is the question of approvals and documents associated with this for example: COC required almost everywhere in the European Union. More on the approval and other related topics you can find in our section of information.

We suggest purchasing a damaged vehicle or after an accident only after checking the documents by an experienced dealer. Here are some names and abbreviations of the documents, which we advise to avoid:

¦BS - Bill of sale
¦BX - Export bill of sale
¦CD - Certificate Of Destruction
¦CQ - DLR / DSM get all others ACQ CT
¦DS - DLR only - salvage cert
¦DU - Dismantler W / Unsatisfied lien
¦DV - MV907A Dismantlers
¦FOR - Foreign certificate of origin
¦MD - MV907A W / MD Reassignment
¦MF - NY-MV-51
¦MN - MV907A W / NJ Reassigment
¦MP - MV37 PO dism only
¦MS - MV-51B / stmt of ownership
¦MW-MV907A W / INSP & brand waiver
¦NP - MV907A W / no public VIN
¦OR - Parts only W / NY reassigment
¦PO - Parts only
¦SD - no title-dismantle/scrap MV35
¦SM - MV907A salvage certificate
¦TN - Salvage Theft - no public VIN
¦UC - CLEAN TITLE W / unsatis lien
¦UL - Reblt Salv W / Unsatisfied lien
¦U.S. - MV907A W / Unsatisfied lien
¦VC - Clean title - no VIN
¦WA - Waive-MV907A 272.1
¦WB - MV907A W / brand Waive