Delivery time

We organize:

  • Shipments of cars, motorcycles, boats and car parts.
  • Consolidation of air cargo.
  • Shipping purchases made online.
  • Shipments of any unusual vehicles.

Container shipping usually takes from 3 to 8 weeks. Time of transportation and customs clearance on both sides of the ocean is included in this.

Airline courier parcels reach the recipient in the period to 7-10 business days. These are mostly auto parts.

To pay for Internet services we suggest one of the safest systems in the world of online transactions PayPal. PayPal provides security to millions of Internet users worldwide.

Each consignment shall be subject to clearance by the Customs Office. Exempt from customs duties are only a shipment of a gift whose value does not exceed 150 Euros.

For questions related to the specific provisions of the customs in your country, please contact the Customs Office or Customs agency. Shipments with a value greater in light of the Customs Law shall be retained by Customs for individual check-in.

We offer our clients competitive pricing, reliable service, as well as affordable cargo insurance costs. Parcels sent by us after their clearance in Poland have assigned UPS numbers and are sent to the buyers.

We use services of reputable shipping companies: Evergreen, CMA, MSC, ZIM, Happag Loyd and airlines: LOT, SAS, Lufthansa, Austrian Air, CSA, and many others. We can arrange transport of the container or package to any destination. We offer a fast cargo airlines throughout the world.

Those interested in using our services, please contact us by e-mail: 
You can always check the status of your package delivery.

Our company does not facilitate the avoidance of customs clearance. For information related to the Polish customsregulations, please contact the Customs Office or customs agency. Many items are retained by Customs, because the description of the contents or the customs value is not true. Customs Office requires precise information on the subject.