Used parts


You can buy any parts on the Internet. A knowledge of English and a credit card or an account with Paypal is required. Useful for ordering are factory catalogues held by us with diagrams and prices for new parts shown in U.S. dollars.

Used car parts purchases.

For those interested in purchasing used parts at lower prices, directly from recycling companies we recommend the following sites:

Please note:

  • payment terms,
  • location of the seller of the selected part in the U.S.,
  • cost of delivery to the port and further to the destination place.

 BMW Parts

Our transport costs are moderate, because we import a lot of parts at once. The waiting time for parts varies from 7 to 30 days.
Air transport is faster with waiting time for delivery from 7 to 14 days, while sea transport is less expensive with the waiting time from 8 to 30 days. Costs of the delivery from the place of purchase to the shipping warehouse and shipping costs across the ocean must be added to prices of purchased parts.
Customs duty on parts are from 2 to 5%, plus tax,VAT and at the end please add the delivery cost in the country to the customer's address.

Our commission on the purchase is a minimum of 10% but not less than 30$. This will covers our admin cost:

  • finding the right parts in accordance with the specification of the vehicle at the lowest possible price,
  • purchase as close as possible to the port,
  • arrangement of shipment to the country in the cheapest way.

In order to become familiar with the retail cost of delivery, please contact international carriers such as: