New parts


We offer assistance in bringing ordered parts for all cars in the U.S. market:



  • brand new parts (OEM = original equipment manufacturer),
  • spare parts from manufacturers other than car manufacturers,
  • used parts,
  • car accessories and add-ons.

We have access to the Electronic Catalogues of automotive parts in the U.S. market. These catalogues contain data about every part for all makes and models of cars sold in the U.S..
In these catalogues you can find descriptions of parts, their illustrations and prices quoted in U.S. dollars.
For the order to be precise, and its execution was not accompanied by any mistakes you must have a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), this number has been present on every American car since 1984. It also appears as a chassis number in the registration certificate.

ZamiennikiWe suggest you browse the catalogue of new parts, where the names of all parts and their illustrations are. You can then compare the cost of new parts, used and replacements parts from other manufacturers and check, if these parts are available in your country.

Upon request, we make such valuations for a fee.
On our pages we provide links to websites which allow you to acquire U.S. auto parts online.